In 2015 Read Southall burst onto the Red Dirt scene after he released his acoustic album Six String Sorrow. That little project accumulated 8 million streams in just 3 years. Officially formed in 2016, the Read Southall Band released Borrowed Time early in 2017, and enjoyed a few regional hits including “Don’t Tell Me” and “Why,” and the guys have been trucking their way across Texas and the U.S. ever since.

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A delectable blend of rock and country the guys have developed a hardcore fanbase, one that includes the likes of Koe Wetzel and Whiskey Myers. In fact, back in December Read and Koe embarked on a responsibly social-distanced acoustic tour. It was very successful.

This week the boys released the new music video for their new single "Where We Belong", and I couldn't take my eyes away. I was captivated. Anybody else still trying to figure out what exactly is happening in it?

Why's everyone chasing after Read? How'd the couple in the motel know that he was passing by? Does he meet his past or future self? Is Read's character a serial killer? Watch it again, serial killer is not too far of a stretch. Great song. Great music video.

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