We have an unbelievable amount of talent in East Texas--in a stunning variety of arenas. We have extraordinary entrepreneurs, restaurant owners and chefs, musicians, artists, AND even East Texans with a remarkable sense of humor that they so graciously share with all of us. One such group of these funny people are known as Card 53 Comedy. And I can't recommend them enough.

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They say that 'laughter is the shortest distance between people,' and I believe it. Nothing brings us closer together than being able to share a chuckle in the midst of life's tedious struggles.

Comedians of any kind appear to have super powers, as far as I'm concerned. Being able and willing to get on a stage and share your comedic offerings with the world already inspires a high level of respect. And then you add improvisational comedy on top of that? Wow. And that's exactly what these guys do.

Photo courtesy of Card 53 Comedy
Photo courtesy of Card 53 Comedy

And that's one of the things that's so fun about going to a Card 53 Comedy show, is that just like you and I, they don't know exactly how the show is gonna go ahead of time. They take their topic ideas from the audience and then bring them to life in a humorous way on stage! Better yet? down will be offering FREE BEER to attendees.

Ready to learn more?

They've rented out the historic, renovated Liberty Hall Theater in Tyler for Saturday, June 26 at 8 p.m. until around 10 p.m. or so. The audience will throw out improv suggestions, and the Card 53 comedy team will take it and run with it and see how far down the comedic rabbit hole they can go.

Face masks will be optional at the event.

Visit Card53.com for more info.

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