Over the last decade, Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival has become an East Texas institution. The show is famous for bringing top tier musical talent and Texas BBQ to Tyler, TX each May, but the shows t-shirts have grown to be just as iconic.

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As we roll toward our 10th anniversary show in '24, we realized that we could do more for fans in regards to merch. Every year we're saddened by stories from people who just forgot to buy a shirt before they left, unfortunately up until now there wasn't much we could do about it.

Not anymore. We are proud to announce that we are now selling these once in a lifetime tees online. From small to 4XL, and off-white to heathered deep purple.

Whether your girlfriend broke your heart and stole your Red Dirt tee when she ran out of the door, that's okay. You can replace it. Maybe we were out of your size by the time you made it over to the merch booth after Shane Smith's set, now we can remedy it. 

And the best news is that online we're able to offer EVERY size in a rainbow of different, new and exciting colors. Maybe you're a Longhorn fan, may I recommend the burnt orange tee? Guys, the possibilities are endless.

Need a birthday gift for your man? I've got 7 words and an ampersand for you: Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival tee shirt.

Guys, does your lady look amazing in a tank top? Wait 'till you see her in a Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival tank you bought in July online two months after the concert!

Or worst case scenario, maybe someone you love missed this years show due to stupid work, photoshop them into a few pics then buy 'em a tee shirt and no one will ever know they weren't there. These are the exact same festival day tees only on-demand. When you bought it will be our little secret.

We know that despite our best efforts, we aren't always able to provide everyone with the tee they want on festival day, sometimes we just run out of a size or color. This new online store fixes that in a jiffy. Click here to view our wide selection.

Our hope is to soon add other items to it maybe on a quarterly basis. Eventually we hope to do a vintage collection with all of our past t-shirt designs. Plus different items like hats, sweatshirts, so stay tuned. Happy shopping.

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