Reese Witherspoon is promoting her first book, 'Whiskey in a Teacup,' with a stop in Waco this Fall.

Tickets went on sale today, and have already sold out.

Those lucky enough to score tickets will enjoy listening to a conversation about Reese's book, which includes stories of growing up in the South.

In her book, she shares details of how she creates a special environment for her family during the holidays, decorating, baking and more.  If you've always wanted a look behind the curtain into her charming world, look no further.

The event set to be standing room only and after after-hours at the Magnolia Market and Silos on Thursday, September, 27. After a day of exploring that beautiful grounds at Magnolia, this event is sure to be filled with more Southern charm, wit and humor.

Read to read it? It debuts September 18. Watch Reese announce it below!


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