It's always very difficult when someone loved within the community passes away and the Longview area is mourning the loss of Ronnie Pilcher. Mr. Pilcher has been seen in Longview for years and often fills the hearts of many with love and friendship. It's clear that Ronnie Pilcher will be missed dearly by hundreds of people who have reacted to his death on social media.

So many people were worried about Mr. Pilcher last week as temperatures in East Texas got below freezing as he was homeless. But according to a friend on social media Ronnie didn't pass away due to the very cold temperatures, instead it was a medical event that took his life. While his friends in Longview, Texas don't know his exact date or birth or date he passed away, he was born in March of 1953 and passed away February of 2022.

One Story Describes Who Ronnie Pilcher Was

As I was scrolling through nearly a hundred comments of people that would miss seeing Mr. Pilcher there was one story that stuck out to me. One Longview citizen saw Ronnie purchasing a coat at a thrift store. He paid for his coat and then donated the change he got back to help someone else who might be in need of warm clothing. This homeless man cares more about helping other than he cares about money in his own pocket.

Ronnie Pilcher Should Be Remembered as a Veteran

While I didn't know Mr. Pilcher myself it's powerful to see how many lives he touched in Longview, Texas. And before he made his way to Longview he served in the U.S. Military. This man made a difference without having any money, just a smile and positive outlook even when facing tough circumstances.

Thanks for being a positive light in East Texas, Mr. Pilcher. Rest easy, sir.

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