July was a pretty hot month, but not the hottest it’s ever been. Saturday is the anniversary of the hottest temperature ever recorded in Tyler.

Back on August 3, 2011, the thermometer topped out at 110 degrees. That set the all-time record for the hottest it’s ever been in Tyler. That was also at a time in which multiple large wildfires were burning across East Texas.

This year hasn’t been as hot as it was in 2011, but it’s still been pretty toasty. The normal high this time of the year is 94 degrees. In the month of July we’ve had 17 days at or above normal. There have only been 8 days below normal in the month. The hottest it was in July was 98 degrees back on July 22.

Now while the 110 degrees from August 3, 2011 is very hot, it’s nowhere near the all-time hottest temperature ever recorded in the United States.  On July 10, 1913 it hit 134 degrees in a town appropriately named Furnace Creek, California. This in the Death Valley area.

The heat likely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Long range outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center indicate that we have a 33 percent chance to see above normal temperatures through the month of August. Through September and October, long range outlooks indicate a 40 percent chance to see above normal temperatures. From August through September and October, the normal high drops from 94 degrees on August 1, to 90 degrees September 1, to 82 degrees October 1.

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