Tell us, have you tried this money-saving hack at the HomeGoods in Longview or Tyler, Texas?

It's amazing the things we can learn online these days.

As much as we rail against the internet and social media, there's no denying that we can get secrets, tips, and hacks from our fellow shoppers that can save us lots of money.

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And the social media that seems to be sharing a LOTS of those kinds of tips these days? TikTok.

Honestly, I'm not really a "TikTok" person. I'm not opposed or anything, but I find I'm already spending so much time on other social media, I'm afraid to fully fall into that proverbial rabbit hole, ya feel me?

However, the more I'm hearing about some of the channels that can help us save money, the more I'm tuning in if you will.

Like this lady, for example. She, like many of us, loves to shop at HomeGoods, T.J. Maxx, and Marshall's. Obviously, if we're shopping at these places already we clearly are interested in saving a little bit of money, right?

You can find her TikTok account under @nicolethefreespirit. I just wanted to share what she discovered with you. In this example, she's doing a bit of throw pillow shopping that many of us do to "freshen up" our home decor as cost-effectively as possible. But even at places like HomeGoods, a $35 throw pillow is still just a tad bit steep for some East Texans.

Thanks to @nicolethefreespirit, you may be able to save a TON on those throw pillows--and other items, as well--simply by learning this one simple hack. Take a look at the video:

@nicolethefreespirit Did you know …? #viral#fyp#ohio#tjmaxxfinds#tjmaxx#homegoodsfinds#homegoods#shopping#lifehackvideo#lifehacks#blacktiktok#CorollaCrossStep♬ original sound - CleanQueenJS

Obviously, the only problem is... that pillow or item you had your eye on may be gone in three months. So in order to embrace this hack one has to be willing to let things come and go and snag the good deals when you see them.

Do you have any shopping hacks you'd like to share with the class? Shoot me an email at 

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