Usually in Texas, we have to deal with all kinds of bugs and other creepy crawly things in the spring time. But as we know, weather any time of the year can cause some unusual activity in our insect and bug friends. One such bug we have to deal with in any part of Texas is the scorpion. Granted, the scorpions in our area are not that dangerous but that doesn't take away from how much their sting hurts. This fall, however, we're going to have to deal with more of these clawed and stinging tail menaces.

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More Than Normal Scorpions

Texans have been reporting more and more sightings of scorpions getting into their homes this fall. While this isn't all that unusual to see in the spring, it is unusual to see more scorpion sightings in the fall. The most common scorpion found in Texas is the Centruroides vittatus, also known as the striped bark scorpion. This scorpion is yellow and tan in color with two black stripes that run the length of its back. They'll usually be about 3/8 inches in length.

Why They're Coming in and Prevention

These scorpions are getting in because of changes in the environment outside like higher than usual rainfall or a drop in temperatures. While those changes can bring in a higher than normal scorpion count, there are some ways to prevent them from getting in. Pruning trees and shrubs close to your house will help. If you've stacked wood for your fireplace, make sure that stack isn't against your house. Also, make sure any cracks or gaps in doors or windows are sealed (

What to Do if Stung

If you are stung, you shouldn't experience any more than some local swelling and itching that will last a few days. If you experience breathing issues, heart racing, heart palpitations or abnormal swelling, seek medical attention immediately.

Keep an eye out as scorpions could be crawling into your living space.

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