Good ole Buc-ee's, they are popping up everywhere. Colorado, North Carolina, Missouri, none of them are safe from the goodness of clean bathrooms and Beaver Nuggets. We are fortunate to have a Buc-ee's not too far from us in Terrell. For folks in Louisiana, their closest Buc-ee's fix is in Baytown, Texas. That was until the announcement of a Buc-ee's being built in Ruston, Louisiana. Rumors are now being passed around that a second Buc-ee's may be coming to Lafayette. This is great, but when is the long rumored Lindale Buc-ee's coming?

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Ruston, Louisiana Buc-ee's

In January of 2023, the Ruston, Louisiana City Council approved the building of a Buc-ee's store along Interstate 20 there. Construction has begun at that location and is expected to open in 2025. Now rumors have popped up that a second location could be coming to Louisiana. This rumor says that Lafayette could be the home to this new location. This is great news for Buc-ee's fans in the Pelican State, but what does this mean for the long rumored Lindale location?

Buc-ee's in Lindale

Buc-ee's has been rumored to be coming to Lindale for, at minimum, 5 years. The rumors have been so loud that many believe it's happening, including my parents after a Thanksgiving discussion with them a couple of years ago. Personally, a Lindale location makes sense. I would think that the perfect location for it would at Interstate 20 and Toll 49. Interstate 20 and Jim Hogg Road could be a good spot, so could Interstate 20 and Highway 110. As far as when, or even if, this happens is all up in the air. It's all rumor after all.

New Locations Opening Soon

There are four new Buc-ee's locations opening soon in Texas and beyond. Hillsboro, Texas this year and Boerne, Texas in 2025, Smiths Grove, Kentucky in May of this year and Johnstown, Colorado possibly later this year.

Lafayette Rumors

Nothing has been confirmed as far as the Lafayette location is concerned. reached out to both Buc-ee's and the Lafayette Economic Development Authority. Buc-ee's had no comment on the rumor and the Lafayette Economic Development Authority could not confirm or deny the rumors.

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