What began as a chant at sporting events as early as September of this year has morphed into what has now become a popular meme and a frequently trending hashtag on various media platforms. Of course, I'm referencing "Let's Go Brandon."

But that wasn't what was originally being chanted.

What was the original chant that became "Let's Go Brandon?"

Hmm. Well let's just say the first word begins with an "f" and the last two words are "Joe Biden." I bet you can figure out the rest.

And yes, as aforementioned, that was what was being chanted at events in September.

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So, then how did the original chant morph into "Let's Go Brandon?"

To make a longer story at least a little bit shorter, Wikipedia says it "came into use after NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast misidentified a chant of "F* Joe Biden" by spectators at a NASCAR race as 'Let's go, Brandon' while interviewing driver Brandon Brown after he won the 2021 Sparks 300 at Talladega Superspeedway."

And now, it's everywhere--even on East Texas business signs.

After that, people opposed to the Biden administration began using this as a way of saying the "other," but without the direct expletive.

It's become wildly popular around the country and has been uttered or at least added to a social media post as a hashtag for weeks now by GOP supporters, online and TV pundits, and even some political leaders--including Governor Greg Abbott. (You can some of these below.)

Certain Hobby Lobby stores have displayed the phrase, and it's also been seen at many other sporting events, too.

We're seeing the "Let's Go Brandon" phrase at East Texas businesses, too.


We've seen it all around East Texas. For example, Blakeney Hardware in Gresham, just south of Tyler has it on their marquis--and even the DQ in White Oak is displaying it proudly there, too.

Some people are thrilled to see East Texas businesses proudly displaying their political views via the phrase. Others, even those who don't support the Biden administration, find the use of the phrase distasteful because of what is really being communicated.

Would you display "Let's Go Brandon" at your place of business proudly? Or do you think politics should be kept out of business? Let us know, East Texas.

Here's a sample of some of the posts spreading around social media with the "Let's Go Brandon" hashtag, including from Governor Abbott, himself:

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