Tyler’s Rose Festival has come and gone, and most of us don’t get the opportunity to see it up close and personal. Would you like a glimpse behind the curtain?

Thankfully, Tyler debutantes, and their friends, are on TikTok and we can see it through their perspective. I know I would love to see the Queen’s tea up close and personal. I’ve visited the Rose Parade quite a few times over the years, and had friends attending the ball and tea, but it’s not something I’ve ever really participated in.

It’s truly remarkable how extraordinary the dresses are that are worn by the young ladies who participate. The creativity is magical.

In this first video, you get to see a young child explore the Queen’s Tea and interact with a variety of young ladies dressed in the Secret Garden theme. You see butterflies, birds, a rabbit, a beautiful insect trapped in a spider web and a wind sculpture are imagined into dresses.

Then you get see a different perspective, this TikTok creator described her experience as one like being within an episode of Gossip Girl. The Queen’s Tea is definitely a decadent event.

Finally, we see a look at the parade and one young lady dressed as a watering can. You read that right, a watering can was reimagined into a glamorous dress. You also see behind the scenes at the parade and a glimpse of friendship and road trips that take place each year as young ladies return home to participate in Tyler’s Rose Festival tradition.

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