The average age guys start telling Dad jokes is 37, and that's just one of the signs that he's becoming his father.

You probably don't have to be a guy to have dad symptoms, because I think I'm becoming my dad too.  Little dadisms that I heard over and over as a kid are starting to come out of my own mouth, and I've started taking a special liking to smoky barbecue flavors and Scotch.  Dad's influence is far-reaching.

new poll says most people start becoming more like their fathers at age 37, and it's noticeable in several ways.

Top Traits we get from Dad, according to Fox News:

1.  Take grilling very seriously
2.  Repair things instead of buying them new
3.  Get really into corny jokes
4.  Tell the kids to ask their mother
5.  Falling asleep on the couch with the game on
6.  Grunt when getting off the couch
7.  Mute commercials
8.  Love to mow the lawn
9.  Don’t like when people touch the thermostat
10.  Finish everyone else’s plate at a restaurant

Haven't we all done at least eight of those things?  I'm getting pretty good at fixing the ice maker that jams constantly rather than springing for a new fridge, and I counted at least four grunts this week as I was getting off the couch.  Oh, and when the kids got tired of eating last night I pulled all three plates over and polished off the salmon myself.  Thank you, Pop.

The poll also asked what people think dads really want for Father's Day, and the answers were a steak, a cold beer, and time to sleep in, a tech-related gift, and for sports to be back on TV.  We can take care of some of that stuff.

Fathers are extra lucky this weekend because restrictions are lifting and they have more freedom to get out and do things than we had on Mother's Day.  Maybe this is a good weekend to celebrate both parents because don't we know we're becoming both of them.

Happy Father's Day!

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