There is a sinkhole that has emerged in the downtown Tyler area. Though there have yet to be any injuries caused by this sinkhole, but its presence is still pretty frightening. Beware of the intersection of Broadway street and Front street. 

What began as a two foot wide, three foot deep pot hole has grown into a fairly large sinkhole. Once workers began to chip away at the loose pavement, they exposed a sinkhole measuring six foot wide and eight feet deep.

Google Maps

They are trying to find hard ground in the sinkhole location. Because they haven't had the best of luck finding more solid ground to rebuild the street, the concrete poured into the hole is a temporary fix.

They will work to find that permanent fix. Until this has been solved, please use caution. I know some of you will too terrified to even step foot near this intersection for a long time. I am terribly frightened by sink holes. In fact, it wasn't too long ago I wrote about this very issue. 

This sinkhole in Tyler will probably keep me a few people up tonight with nightmares of the world around them crumbling into a never ending hole.