East Texas has seen its fare share of rain and severe weather this spring. It's been one of the wettest years on records, and one that has caused much pain and destruction for many East Texas families.

We're been due a string of fair weather days, and judging from the five-day extended forecast from the National Weather Service, it appears as if that string of weather is here!

It's expected to be a bit more seasonable around here with plenty of sunshine and temperatures hovering in the high 80s to near 90 degrees on Saturday.

With all of this sun and dry weather we can all get caught up on our yard work and then have some time for some fun in the sun!

Here are six things to do in East Texas now that the sun is back.

  • Brian McEntire via Thinkstock
    Brian McEntire via Thinkstock

    Tyler State Park

    Get out and explore nature through the walking trails, take a picnic lunch and eat under the whispering pines, get on the lake in a paddle boat or canoe and just enjoy the feeling of the great outdoors!

  • Ikonoklast_Fotografie via Thinkstock
    Ikonoklast_Fotografie via Thinkstock

    East Texas Theme Parks

    Whether its action or water, East Texas amusements have you covered! Soak up plenty of Vitamin D while splashing around Splash Kingdom Water Park in Canton or if action and thrills are more your style, get your fun taken care of Fire Mountain Amusements or take aim at the holes on a Putt-Putt miniature golf course.

  • Carrie Bottomley via Thinkstock
    Carrie Bottomley via Thinkstock

    ATV Mud Parks

    Thanks to all the rain you would think there's plenty of mud available right now! So for a four-wheelin' good time hit up an ATV mud park -- there's a lot to choose from around East Texas and get out there and get dirty!

  • jonathange via Thinkstock
    jonathange via Thinkstock

    Bike Trails

    It's a great way to exercise, enjoy the outdoors and get some exposure to the sun, too! Just be safe and wear your helmets while on the trails or city streets.

  • james boulette via Thinkstock
    james boulette via Thinkstock

    Get on an East Texas lake

    East Texas lakes are at capacity thanks to all the rain over the last month or so. So there's plenty of room to wake board, ski and tube the lake.

  • Miroslav Ferkuniak via Thinkstock
    Miroslav Ferkuniak via Thinkstock

    Swimming in the pool

    Public or private, now is the time to get your tan on and go diving off of that diving board. Remember to use sunscreen because no one likes a sunburn and this is another great activity to soak up some much-needed Vitamin D, too!

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