As if everyone doesn't already have their plates full with challenges right now...

We all know that scammers are always on the prowl. Sadly, that doesn't change during times of struggle. In fact, it can create new opportunities for scammers to take advantage of people. And here is, sadly, yet another example.

Recently, the Smith County Sheriff's Office posted a warning to all customers of Dean Water Supply after they were contacted by a representative from the company, Dodd Hasting.

According to the representative, the Sheriff's office was made aware of at least a couple of people who've been visiting homes around the area of CR 1131. They knock on the door and claim to be employees of Dean Water Supply. They then ask if they would be allowed inside to test the homeowner's water.

The photo above was posted on the Smith County Sheriff's Office Facebook page. These are the two individuals known to be pretending to be employees of Dean Water Supply. 

A recent press release from Dean Water Supply warns their customers:

“These individuals DO NOT represent Dean Water Supply,” the press release stated. “If you encounter any of these individuals, please report them to the Smith County Sheriff’s Office at (903) 566-6600. Please share this message as other water supply companies could be affected.”

Even if you're not a customer of Dean Water Supply, please be aware. There's no reason scammers representing other water companies couldn't do something similar.

Dean Water Supply Company's website also shared the following info: "Please know that our field operators, Billy McMillan, Corey Wilson, and Dodd Hasting will only drive white work trucks, clearly labeled with Dean Water Supply on the doors.  They will also be wearing shirts with 'Dean Water' and their names embroidered on the pockets or the area where a shirt pocket would be located."

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