It's stories like this that make want to go on a huge tirade of how awful some people are. But I won't and will just give you the facts.

Tuesday evening (December 3), a truck pulled up to the front doors of the new Walmart by Highway 31 East, someone jumped out, grabbed the Salvation Army Red Kettle as the volunteer was ringing his bell, threw it in the back of their truck and took off according to KLTV.

According to the bell ringer Dave Crocker, a customer saw what happened and chased after the thieving truck. The driver of that truck was eventually caught by police but the kettle was not recovered.

It's estimated that $500-$600 was in the donation kettle.

You know, I really hope karma pays a serious visit to these idiots. How in the hell do you think it's okay to steal something that's meant to help people in need? Whoever you are that took it, you are not needy, you're a thief. No one is proud of your actions.

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