One of the "Best Damn Places I Ate" at in East Texas is expanding and I have to say that I'm super excited about it because they are opening up a location closer to our office!

According to a post on their Facebook page, the very popular Ruby's Mexican Restaurant has opened up a second location at 813 Lindsey Street in Tyler!

Ruby's is well know around Tyler for their "Doblados", which are their amazing tacos and the demand for them to expand beyond their current location at 2021 East Gentry Parkway has grown over the last few years. They most recently built a patio area at their original location and they've also got one at the new location where you can BYOB.

I love Ruby's because it gets no better than this when it comes to AUTHENTIC Mexican food as opposed to be the big flashy "Tex-Mex" eateries along the loop. They also have great flavored fresh waters, breakfast tacos and other wild things on the menu you gotta see to believe.


My stomach was growling the entire time I was writing this article so I went ahead and pulled up to the new location today to grab myself some doblados. I pulled up at the right time because the street and extra parking was starting to fill up as folks who can't make the drive to the original location were already enjoying lunch on the patio and appreciating having the new location nearby.

Check out some photos below!

Check Out Ruby's Second Location In Tyler

They're open 7 days a week at 813 Lindsey St.

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