So...Tuesday, April 30, we got our first look at the live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie. What in the holy hell is this?

For anyone who grew up in the 90's and owned a Sega Genesis, Sonic was the game to play. There was even a Saturday morning cartoon featuring Sonic and his friends that was pretty entertaining.

But seeing this yesterday, wow, just wow. Whoever came up with this has never played the games, has never seen a Sonic the Hedgehog toy, has never scene anything Sonic related. The design of Sonic is all wrong. The fact that it takes place on Earth is completely dumb. Sonic lives in a fantasy world, not Earth.

The only thing I will give this movie credit for is Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik. I think he can provide the over the top performance that will perfectly fit the Dr. Robotnik villain.

Plus, James Marsden is one of my favorite actors. I don't understand why he chose to be in this movie.

Alas, I will probably end up seeing it anyway. Sometimes, I'm just a glutton for punishment.

Even the creator of Sonic, Yuji Naka, doesn't understand what this is. gave us a translation:

I feel like, with this Sonic here, visually, the important thing to look at is the head and body ratio and the roundness of the abdomen. I wonder if they couldn’t have balanced them a little bit better...These images of Sonic aren’t coming officially from the movie-making source; I think it’s possible they’re being strategically leaked, though getting people talking about it ‘because it’s bad’ can’t be good for Sonic’s existing IP.

Well, there’s also the possibility that this is fan-made, though even so, I’d still prefer it if they’d put some gloves on him. Seeing him bare-handed is quite a shock.

This is a movie gamers didn't want nor needed and now we all facepalm that it exists.

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