I'm all for a good joke. Even a joke that might take things a little too far. It's comedy. It's there to make us laugh and make fun of life. In a world where so many people are so serious about not so serious subjects, comedy is a nice release.

The Stanford University band is known for it's unusual performances. A mixture of marching band and comedy.

However, if you watched TCU's 39-37 Alamo Bowl win over Stanford, you probably missed Stanford's halftime performance. Yeah, the band tried, and failed miserably, to mock Texas.

I don't get offended easily, and I'm not offended by the performance, it's just not funny. Yeah, you're from California and don't know much about our great state, but good comedy knows the facts.

If you missed their narration, you can read it below.

Whataburger, as they do, did have a nice response to the performance.

This is a school that has a tree as it's mascot. A tree. At least Texas mascots have some kind of muscle to them - longhorn, horned frog, bear, cougar, just to name a few.

And coming from a military marching band at Lindale High School, my band director at the time, Butch Almany, would be rolling in his grave to see a halftime performance like this.

Nice try Stanford, but as they say in the performing arts, you bombed on stage.

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