A 5,900 pound stone tablet with the Ten Commandments engraved in it was just unveiled at Music City Mall in Lewisville, located in the DFW area . The mall, formerly known as Vista Ridge Mall, was put under new ownership towards the end of 2017, and new owner John Bushman says that he places a sculptural representation of the Ten Commandments on all of his properties.

In a video interview with the Dallas Morning News, mall manager Richard Morton says the stone cost around $12,000 to design and complete, and stands at eight feet tall.

We want to create a family atmosphere, and this sets the foundation for that.

Of course, the reviews about the structure are mixed. Some think it’s a great addition to the mall, and some believe that a religious structure as such doesn’t belong in a public place. At least the guy who drove his car into the Ten Commandments structure up in Arkansas won’t be able to drive his car into this one!

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