It's Heart Health Awareness month. And hey guys, turns out spending some extra time in the gym can help keep your heart healthy.

Need one more reason to do a bit of strength training? Turns out, not only will it make us look and feel better, according to the New York Times, "for men at least, entering middle age with plenty of muscle may lower the later risk of developing heart disease by more than 80 percent."

Whoa, that's a stunning possibility.

We are mostly quite aware that our "skeletal muscle" gives us the power needed to move in our daily lives. However, it is also an integral part of optimizing our metabolic health, as well. It's takes and stores our blood sugar and is responsible for those unique hormones that act as catalysts to keep our brain and fat cells' biochemical processes working properly.

Unfortunately, as many of us know, muscle mass begins to decline as early as our 30's and continues to accelerate in its decline from there. We've heard many heartbreaking stories about those we love who have lost so much muscle mass, they become frail and lose their independence. But this new study shows it may be affecting our heart health, as well. Although the research suggests there are differences between how it affects men and women.

I encourage to check out the recent "study, which was published in the January 2020 issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health." If you'd like to learn more on starting a strength training routine, take a look here.

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