An awkward situation developed in Austin, Texas where a high school golf team showed up for practice, like normal, at a local golf course only to be greeted by an unusual golf tournament. What made it unusual is that the tournament was being put on by a local strip club. Let's just say that the ladies were serving up more than a beer between holes.

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Awkward Meeting

Avery Ranch golf course in Austin is a private golf course that was being rented out for the day to The Yellow Rose adult entertainment club for a golf tournament. The adult entertainment club says its for a charity but no charity was listed that it benefitted. But that's not the issue here. The issue is that the Vista Ridge high school golf team was also scheduled to have practice that day. Neither The Yellow Rose nor Vista Ridge High School knew each other would be there that day.

What the Kids Saw

As you can imagine, some kids ended up witnessing some actions that they shouldn't have. As is told by Fox 7 in Austin, students "did witness some lewd behavior." As far as what that lewd behavior was was not revealed. Coaches were able to cancel practice immediately and parents were called to pick up their kids from the golf course.

20 Year Relationship Between the Course and the High School

The high school has a long relationship with Avery Ranch. School officials were able to contact the golf course and said that Avery Ranch was not aware of any inappropriate activity during that tournament. This situation seems to have lead Avery Ranch to not work with The Yellow Rose in the future.

As far as The Yellow Rose, they did issue a statement about the incident on their Facebook page:

Its hard to say who really is at fault here but I would think that the golf course should have known what The Yellow Rose is and should have given some kind of notice to the school that this was going on.

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