I'm going to miss NFL Memes on Facebook. Oh! Have you not visited this page? I get some great laughs at the expense of any team and every player every day during the NFL season.

Of course, NFL Memes was on point all through out that Superbowl LIII snoozer. Scroll down and enjoy a barrage of laughs.

Of course they had to go after Tony Romo. But you know what, Tony is excellent in the CBS booth and called a great game.

It's funny because it's true.

You know, because they'll just get Big Macs and fries.

Watching ESPN after the game, all their highlights of the game don't start until the fourth quarter.

Of course you have to bring this back.


One of my favorites.

About right.

If you're not following NFL Memes, you should. It's a great page and they don't hold back. What's even better is looking at the comments and how upset people get because of their memes. When did people stop having a sense of humor? Laugh and move on folks.

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