The holidays in East Texas can bring out some very heartwarming stories. It can be anything from the stories years ago of the valuable gold coin piece that was left in a Salvation Army kettle for many years in a row or a stranger paying off all the layaways at Walmart. This story out of Lindale is not on those levels but the holiday spirit produced by this gesture is just as big.

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On the Lindale Speak-Up Facebook group, two different posts popped up talking about a box of potato chips surprisingly showing up on their porch or at their front door with no label or note of any kind. Many were very unsure of what it was or if it was even safe to bring inside. When they opened the box to find the chips, they were unsure if the contents would even be safe to eat.

Today's society is very weird to say the least so it's understandable why there would be doubts about what was going on.

The first post I saw explained what was going on and that the chips were perfectly safe. It turns out to be an older gentleman that lives in Lindale that just wants to simply "bless everyone with these boxes of chips that he has gotten" as Tammy posted in the Facebook group.

I'm seeing these posts about people getting boxes of chips left or given to them by an older gentleman. He is a local from lindale. He is trying to bless everyone with these boxes of chips that he has gotten. So calm down. No poison,nothing crazy going on . It's the holidays. So much drama over boxes of chips. Lol

More and more residents began backing up this story with some saying they had received a box from this gentleman with some even personally knowing the Lindale resident.

A second post on Lindale Speak-Up by Pamela ST LeClercq featured a picture of the box she received. Naturally, she did not know what exactly was going on or even if this was safe to bring in to her family. I reached out to Pamela to get more of her story of finding this box and she graciously replied with her story.

I found the box on Thanksgiving afternoon as we're leaving to go meet family for dinner. When I first saw the Box my first thought was that maybe it had been delivered to us by mistake as this have been happening a lot lately in our neighborhood. However upon further examination I noticed that there was absolutely no labels no name of any kind other than the Frito-Lay symbol and a barcode that said BBQ Lays.

I was a little bit hesitant to bring it inside but it seems completely safely sealed so I did. I took the picture that you saw on speak up Lindale and asked if anybody else had received a box of chips randomly and if maybe I needed to return them to the Subway or the Walmart or something. After a couple of days of nobody posting anything helpful other than that they would kill for a box of chips I finally got some information. While nobody in my direct neighborhood received a box of chips except for us other people within the community have

The story is that there is an elderly gentleman that for whatever reason has access to a zombie apocalypse supply of chips and has decided to bless families with these boxes for the holidays. I'm not sure if his name is ever mentioned in the comments on my photo. But a lot of people throughout town over the last few weeks I guess have received boxes. As far as what was in the Box it was literally just the Lays barbecue potato chips that you would most often find at Subway. This was completely fine because my kids love barbecue chips

Once I made sure the contents were safe I let them go for it and they are still eating him daily. It was a super simple thing that made a super big difference and knowing that it came from the heart of an elderly gentleman just makes it that much more special

I guess he's just going around being the antigrinch. Bringing light into such a dark place and I'm 100% here for it

Pamela also shared with me these pictures of the box she received.

Pamela ST LeClercq
Pamela ST LeClercq
Pamela ST LeClercq
Pamela ST LeClercq

Thank you so much Pamela for answering my slew of questions and providing the pictures.

It's random acts like this that make living in East Texas a true joy. Sadly, it seems to take negativity to get anything noticed nowadays. The more we hear of stories like this, the more we can see that the world isn't this black hole of doom and carnage being fed to us. Let this remind you that you don't have to donate a valuable gold coin or pay off a bunch of stuff, you can simply share with others to brighten someone's day.

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