Taylor Swift fans were looking forward to seeing her on the big screen. Taylor had been offered the part in the upcoming adaption of 'Les Miserable' as Eponine. But it looks like the part went to a British actress, Samantha Barks, who has played the part before.

'Les Mis' is my all-time favorite Broadway musicals. I would have liked to see Taylor in the film, she would have made an excellent Eponine. Coincidentally -  -  Samantha is the ex-girlfriend of Nick Jonas, whose brother, Joe Jonas, is Taylor's ex. 'Les Miserables,' whose cast also includes Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, is set to begin filming next month and could hit theaters by December.

I'm sure Taylor can fill her time somehow, so don't be too miserable Taylor fans; that's show biz!