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The Red Raiders were outcoached, outplayed, and outclassed on Saturday.

C'mon, Red Raiders, give us SOMETHING to root for.

Let's backtrack a bit. The Red Raiders were leading the game when their de facto leader, quarterback Alan Bowman, was caught on camera giving the "Horns Down" hand signal. UT then sprang into action and ended up beating Texas Tech, showing Bowman exactly what he could do with those fingers.

Let's be real here. A "Horns Down" sign on TV didn't kill anyone. It didn't bring a curse on the team. It was just an example of poor sportsmanship and dumb hubris.

I'm a bit old-school when it comes to football. I'm a fan of coaches who try to put together a crew of great young men, then the wins seem to follow. I'd rather have a team we could be proud of than a team with a big trophy. That said, it seems that most of the teams you can be proud of, get that trophy more often than not.

I really don't care about the win/loss column when we have players being arrested or being tacky on TV. To me, that stuff is loser behavior.

The team was outplayed, and the outcome proves that. They were outcoached (choosing to go on defense first when you're not good at defense is really kind of a bad idea). As far as outclassed, the Longhorns didn't have to do anything to show they were better sports; they just let us be bad sports.

I hope Texas Tech turns this season around and everyone of the team becomes someone that their family, friends and our community can look up to.

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