Texans love to ride their horses through a Whataburger drive-thru. Sometimes, we "journalists" (we're disc jockeys so we can put journalists in quotes) have to have some fun. I mean, it's the perfect way to have the correct mindset to provide you entertainment. But sometimes, we "journalists" find something that entertains us and want to pass it on to you. Case and point is a video that I ran across on the Whataburger Fanatics Facebook group. It was a guy riding his horse into a Whataburger online pickup spot. This sent me down a brief rabbit hole of other people riding their horse to Whataburger. Came and have some fun with me.

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Horses Love Whataburger Apple Pies

The first video that sent me down this fun rabbit hole comes from the TikTok user mosesvirgen1. It's a neat looking first person view of his ride up to his, I'm guessing, favorite Whataburger for a couple of apple pies. It seems he has done this before as the worker coming out to him is not surprised at all at seeing him on horseback. And apparently, horses love Whataburger apple pies as this gentlemen's horse devours his pie very quickly.

@mosesvirgen1 Drove up with style for an apple pie @Whataburger #whataburger #applepie #horsesoftiktok #ubereats #drivethru #fypシ #cowboys #texas #johnnycash ♬ One Piece at a Time - Johnny Cash

Gotta Get Back to the Station

This next video comes from TikTok user touillda showing a sheriff's officer who was probably participating in a parade needing a bite to eat before heading back to the station. Sorry for the language.

@touillda Don’t get me wrong I wasDo y’all think he went through the drive through? #houston #houstontx #texas #whataburger #sheriffs #cowboys #cowboy #horse ♬ original sound - Touillda

Trailer Doesn't Fit? No Problem

The next video from molls.balls shows a couple of ladies who were having some trouble getting their trailer through the drive thru so they decided to do the next best thing, take them off the trailer and ride through. Fun stuff.

@molls.balls when the trailer won’t fit through the drive through @rayguns.tedtalks #texas #texascheck #whataburger #everydayheroes #country #horses #fyp ♬ Different 'Round Here - Riley Green

Just Moseying On Through

Our final video of this shallow rabbit hole comes from hanna_mejia89. She is behind four riders as they make their approach to the drive thru speaker.

@hanna_mejia89 #ITriedItIPrimedIt #texas #texascheck #onlyintexas #horses #whataburger #stephenvilletx #horseriding @rockstar_mejia30 @mnlopez04 ♬ Old Town Road - Lil Nas X/Billy Ray Cyrus

East Texas Whataburger Welcome

Fun stuff. Horses are such a pretty animal, too. Very powerful and strong yet very loving and full of personality. These occurrences are not just for random Texas TikTokers, when the Whataburger opened in Bullard, one of it's first patrons arrived on horseback.

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