Living in Texas in the 90s was a dream come true for most people during that time. You had all your favorite shows on television, you could go to the mall, buy new clothes or visit one of the many retail stores around town. It was a great time to be alive but as life goes on, things have changed, and we don’t do the same things now that we did years ago.

Chain Stores Closed in Texas

Shopping for example used to be a big ordeal for going back to school shopping, as you would be traveling to multiple stores for clothes, shoes, supplies, and everything else that was needed. But now you can simply jump online to your favorite stores and have your shopping done very quickly and have it delivered to your front door often the next day. While it has made life more convenient, the days of visiting your favorite chain stores are a thing of the past. 

Visiting Stores Used to be Fun 

I can remember spending time at some of the stores listed below and having so much fun. For example, back when my wife and I were dating and broke, we would go to stores to walk around and just spend time together. Often those times would be spent playing with toys in the toy section.  

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Let’s Remember Some of Our Favorite Stores Not Around Anymore 

Here is a look back at some of our favorite chain stores from back in the day that are no longer in business. Oh, the glory days.

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