Now that the weather is cooler and summer is officially in the rear view mirror most Texans are praying that the summer bugs are gone for a while too. We all know that living in the state of Texas means that we will be dealing with bugs, but after dealing with them for months you just get tired of the bug bites and doing the occasional ant dance. While bugs are just part of life here in Texas there is a new study showing us how bad it is, as three of the top five most bug infested cities in the country are here in the lone star state. 

Dealing with bugs is annoying, but dealing with them in Texas is worse than in any other state and there is now research to back this up. According to Thumbtack three out of the top five buggiest cities in the country are all in Texas. There was one other city that cracked the top fifteen but to have that many cities that have that many bugs is not exactly something that we love to talk about, even though it’s just part of living here. 

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What Statistics Determined the Buggiest Cities in the US? 

As you would expect the research done for this survey included all 50 states. And it came down to the the number of bugs and the quantity of critters that were found in each city. Obviously, bugs love the southern heat which is why so many Texas cities ranked so high on the list. 

Let’s Look at the Cities With the Most Bugs 

Here is a look at the top 10 cities with the most amount of bugs. 

U.S. Cities With the Most Bugs, Texas Has 3 of the Top 5

There is so much to love about the great state of Texas but one thing that can be annoying is all the bugs we deal with especially in the summer months.

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