With Texas being such a gigantic state, we know that cancer numbers in the lone star state are going to be higher than other states in the country. It’s not something that anyone wants to hear or talk about, but it’s the reality of our situation. Most Texans seem to take problems head on and don’t shy away from uncomfortable situations which is why I thought it would be good to discuss the counties in Texas that have the highest cancer rates.  

Cancer Patient

As I continue to grow older, I seem to be reminded of how important being healthy truly is, without being in good health, it’s difficult to accomplish anything else. But so often a cancer diagnosis is not caused by something that we did personally, it’s just part of life. We hope and pray that cancer doesn’t affect our friends or family members but if someone does get that diagnosis, it’s important to follow your treatment team’s plan for your best chance of survival. 

Average Cancer Rates in the United States 

When talking about cancer rates it's good to have some sort of average to compare numbers too. For example, in 2020 for every 100,000 people in the U.S. 403 new cancer cases were reported, 144 people died of cancer. According to the CDC, 2020 is the latest year this data is currently available.  

Let’s Look at Cancer Rate Numbers in Texas Counties 

When looking at specific Texas counties, these ones have the highest cancer rates. As you will see in the information below, every one of these Texas counties has a higher cancer rate than the average numbers that were reported in 2020.  

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