Living in the state of Texas you’re going to attend an event where it’s appropriate to wear a cowboy hat, it’s inevitable. This could be something like going to a PBR or rodeo event, or it could be a smaller local event but regardless of the occasion there are some etiquette rules that you need to know about before you start strutting around in your cowboy hat. 

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Wearing a cowboy hat can give you some extra confidence, but you want to make sure that you’re wearing your hat appropriately, and there are some rules to wearing a hat that apply to baseball caps as well as cowboy hats. We just want to make sure you know how and when to wear your hat so you don’t have to be corrected or get funny looks from others around you.  

A Few Rules You Must Follow 

We will get more into rules here in just a bit, but the first thing you must know about cowboy hats is that if they are not yours, don’t touch it. People spend lots of time and money to get the hat that fits perfectly for them. Unless you have permission from the owner, don’t touch another person's hat. 

Let’s Make Sure You Know the Rules About Wearing Cowboy Hats 

If you’re in Texas, you want to make sure you’re wearing your cowboy hat correctly and in what instances you might take it off to show respect. Let’s look at some rules about wearing a cowboy hat correctly while in the state of Texas. 

10 Rules For Wearing a Cowboy Hat In Texas

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