Truly man's best friend.

I was going to compare this dog to 'Lassie', but I feel like a whole generation of kids have no clue who in the hell 'Lassie' is. This dog definitely pulled a 'Lassie'. The dog went looking for help when its owner collapsed at their home in El Paso, Texas. The dog was able to find someone and they were to get them back to their owner. 'What's that Lassie? Little Timmy is stuck in a well?"

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The dog's name is Astro and the person in the neighborhood thought the dog was in trouble. Once Astro got this neighbor to the home, they found the homeowner collapsed on the ground. 911 was called and the Astro's owner is expected to recover. In fact Astro tried to jump in the ambulance, but he had to stay at home. I know pit bulls get a bad rep, but Astro is a pit bull/terrier mix and he definitely is one loyal dog.

The El Paso Fire Department awarded Astro with a dog friendly cake this past week to celebrate their heroism. Astro was actually a stray a few years ago and the family can't believe he was able to rescue the owner. "If you treat him well and don’t harm them or anything then they become what he is," Bertha Martinez said.

Good job Astro, keep being a good boy. Also, in the post above from the El Paso Fire Department, they call the dog Cosmo, that is an error.

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