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Talk about bizarre. This video will leave you shaking your head.

It's happened to all of us at one point in time or another, you place your order at the drive thru, wait for your order to be prepared, you pay for it, receive it and rush off to get home to enjoy that meal that you just received and to make the drive thru line move faster out of courtesy.

When you get home and sit down on the couch to enjoy your meal you discover that the number one with cheese mustard only turns out to be a number six with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and mayonnaise. Oh you begin fuming because now your meal is ruined because they got the order wrong or gave you someone else's food.

Well a similar situation happened to a man at a Chicken Express in Red Oak (a suburb of Dallas). According to the report at Daily Post USA, a customer received an incorrect order while in the drive thru recently. He contacted the location and they offered to make it good for him the next time he stopped by by offering him a 50% discount on his next meal. Apparently something went horribly wrong upon his next visit to Chicken Express because he ended up being assaulted by the drive thru employee who came at him from the drive thru window.

You can clearly see this action in the video below obtained by KXAN News. While there is no audio to accompany the video, we can't be sure how the conversation is going and what leads up to the employee jumping out of the window.

The customer has now retained counsel and has filed a lawsuit against the fast food establishment.

My apologies now for anyone that is behind me in the drive thru, I'm the guy that will double check what's in the bag before leaving the drive thru window. I'd like my number one with cheese and mustard only and not a full on number six!

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