If you've ever been stranded on the side of the road in the middle of Dallas, TX, or somewhere out in the middle of West Texas, did you know that there is something we all have in our wallets, purses, or consoles, that could potentially save our lives.

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That's right. You might not have even noticed it before but here is a phone number on the back of your driver's license. There is, go look. It's called the Texas state roadside assistance number.

The number is 1-800-525-5555.

I've never needed to call the number but according to Houston Public Media, here's how it works: "Motorists who call the hotline are connected to DPS operators in Austin. They'll contact a nearby trooper or local police agency to send help or go and check on the motorist."

If you didn't know that the tiny number was on the back of your card you're not alone. I was tipped off to it from a viral on social media from a gentleman by the name of Chris Foy. He wrote:

This was news to me, and trust me, I got my license out and looked. It's Really there! Something all Texans should know, especially ...since this has received very little or no publicity. Your Texas driver's license has a phone number on the back, just above the Bar code on the lower right side: If you are ever stranded, just call the number on your driver's License...help is on the way. A state trooper will be sent to make sure all is well. This one is worth passing on especially to all the women you know and anyone who might be on the road alone.

Be sure to tell your friends, and family, if they're ever stranded on a Texas road or in need of emergency assistance there is a number on the back of their driver's license numbers that can help.

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