Any native Texan can take for granted what we know from birth. That's why it's always great when we see things a new Texan has learned, and somewhat embraces, about our state. TikTok user, charlotte.rockford, has posted just three videos to her account but they all show off some accurate facts about living in Texas.

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TikTok user charlotte.rockford has lived in Texas for only four years. In those four years, she has learned quite a bit about what we love in our great state. She's posted only three videos to her account but all three are very accurate. We'll touch on some of the highlights of what she's learned while living in Texas for four years.

Miranda Lambert

Each one of her videos features Miranda's song "Only Prettier." This song from the Lindale native is a perfect match for the facts in these videos.

Homecoming Mums

Texas isn't the only state that celebrates high school homecomings with mums. We are just the only state that takes the homecoming mum to the twelfth level.

Y'all Not You Guys

Y'all is the proper term when referring to a group of folks. Y'all's is the proper term when referring to the group of folks and their ownership of something. "You all" or "you guys" just sounds weird to us.


It's weird to us that others don't think a small piece of sausage wrapped in a small piece of bread is a great breakfast. They are and we even add cheese or jalapenos, or both, to them. We call these treats kolaches or pigs in a blanket and they are delicious.

Bless Your Heart

Those three simple words can be the biggest compliment or the biggest insult. Sometimes it can be both used in the same sentence. The phrase is very universal in Texas.

Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper is a heavenly drink created in Texas with a taste that is as sweet as Texas.

Sweet Tea

Restaurants are eaten at in Texas based solely on how good their sweet tea is.


We have no idea what gluten is in Texas or how someone can be allergic to it. It's just fact so don't be insulted if we have to ask and are confused by your answer.


It can be grilled, fried or seared on cast iron, we don't care. We love chicken any way we can get it.

High School Concession Stands

Name me a high school concession stand that has bad food... ...I'll wait... ...There's not one because they all have their own unique cooks (booster club parents) with their own take on various food items.


Outside of a locally owned burger joint, for East Texas that would mean Jucy's, Whataburger is the only fast food burger option that really lights our taste buds on fire.


Football is a second religion in Texas. It starts with high school football on Friday nights. Some high school stadiums in Texas can rival any college or pro team stadium.

Speed Limit

Texans, for the most part, are law abiding citizens. However, the only law that Texans get upset about someone else following is the speed limit. Sure, it says the limit is 55 miles per hour, but that just means 70 miles per hour is perfectly okay.

Check out Charlotte's videos and see the other things she has learned that we Texan's love below.

@charlotte.rockfordFINAL PART ##fyp ##GEICOGiveHappy ##WhenRiftanSays ##FFXmasSwitch♬ original sound - Tex

@charlotte.rockford i don’t hate texas lol ##fyp ##GEICOGiveHappy ##FFXmasSwitch##WhenRiftanSays ♬ original sound - Tex

@charlotte.rockfordTEXAS✨ ##fyp ##GEICOGiveHappy ##FFXmasSwitch##WhenRiftanSays

♬ original sound - Tex

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