Here's something to think about the next time a big jerk cuts you off in traffic. Texas has some of the most courteous drivers in the US.  Who knew!

What's your biggest pet peeve on the roads?  I'm asking for a friend.  The lack of blinker use maybe?  Someone in a big truck rides your butt to try to scare you into moving over?  Simmer down, people!  It's not that serious.

If you believe the results of this survey, Texans are great with turn signals and we don't tailgate or get road rage over slow pokes. We're nice on the roads.

Maybe this means drivers in other places around the country are just bottom-of-the-barrel-awful, and we're just kinda awful.  It's all relative. has a Drive Human campaign with the goal of encouraging all of us to drive with a little more courtesy, and they did a survey that showed drivers in Texas get a B+, and that's good for 13th most-courteous in the US.

Our neighbors in Louisiana are some of the worst drivers according to the survey, ranking in the bottom four states, with Arkansas, South Carolina, and New York.  By region, the Midwest has the most courteous drivers overall.

Some of the things that factored into the survey results included tailgating, using a turn signal, letting someone else have a parking spot, letting other cars merge, and not letting a huffy attitude be a response to slow drivers. Texas got mostly B's on its report card, and one C on the turn signal question. We're not great at using those blinkers.

It's nice to know that Texans are pretty courteous drivers overall, huh?  If we run across bad drivers today between Tyler and Longview, apparently they will be the exception to the rule.  And then look out when crossing the border into Louisiana, cuz they're much worse.  Wink wink.

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