This might tick you off. I know I was shocked when I saw it. But it looks like Texas will be handing out computer tablets to nearly all prison inmates across the state. How many inmates will be getting the tablets? Texas has 118,000 inmates. Some troubled prisoners won't get the tablets. KVUE reports the state is preparing to issue more than 110,000 tablets.

Bryan Collier, executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice says these tablets will come preloaded with education materials, some religious materials and even some books. They will also have access to music on the tablets. The inmates will be able to send and receive emails. But this correspondence will be delayed by at least 24 hours so those emails can be screened.

Texas-based Securus Technologies makes these tablets and already has deals with more than 20 correction departments around the country. Now there is one bright spot to the distribution of these tablets. They will be free. Texas won't pay a dime. Securus is giving the state all of the tablets. They will make money when inmates buy content.

These devices can also be used for telehealth programs which could ultimately save the state money. Collier says this could be a game changer for the prison system.

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