“We’re confident we’ll find the guy,” affirms Lieutenant Wilkens, the Houston Police Department spokesperson.

The "guy" they are looking for is a man who recently got madder than a wet cat at some people playing a game of dominoes. He was so mad, he whipped out his gun and shot up the place, fatally injuring one of the players.

Wow, does it really get down like THAT playing a game of dominoes? Have you ever played a heated game of dominoes?

Which game can get more heated, dominoes or Spades?

Ask anybody in East Texas and they'll probably tell you DOMINOES!

Where I grew up in Middle Tennessee, it's a game of Spades that will bring out the cussing, fighting, and perhaps, a little shank-shank or two!

Playing a game of Dominoes in Humble, Texas, wouldn't normally make you think, "Player beware, playa!" but that's exactly what happened at the Hightower Apartments. I tried to read the full story at the Houston Chronicle website, but it says I have to pay for a membership. Booooo! Thank goodness for a few local TV stations who had their own version of the news scoop to share.

If you don't know how a game of dominoes works, it's pretty simple: you get a boneyard of bricks and you match 'em up to see who can get a double or run out of their dominoes first. Or something like that; I've only played with others a few times. That's right, I may be over 30 (and maybe someday I'll admit to being over 40, too) but I still do not know how to play dominoes just like the grown folks do. (Find me stuck at the kids' table during Christmas, because they STILL won't let me play Dominoes with the Uncs! (But they will let me be their partner in a wicked game of Spades!)

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