This guy who had been dumping ridiculous amounts of animal poop throughout this Texas neighborhood.

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I know some people get mad when a dog takes a dump in their yard. If it happens every once in awhile, I really don't make a big deal about it. However, if you were to bag up the poop and then throw it in my yard, yeah we're gonna have a problem. That's is what was happening over in Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas.


Since October of last year, folks have been finding bags of poop on their property. Some folks had them in their driveway, the sidewalk, and thrown about their yard. Just imagine going to your car for work and stepping in a bag of s***. Day instantly ruined, might as well go back inside and try again tomorrow.


Looks like some residents beefed up their surveillance and were finally able to identify a vehicle that this person was using to toss his bags from. Police finally caught him in the act on July 20th. They witnessed two bags of poop flying out of his truck, the bags in this instance weighed 59 POUNDS. Imagine getting a 59 pound bag of literal s*** on your property.


You maybe thinking, damn kids and their pranks. Nope Donald Erwin Schwartz is 71-years-old and has been charged with illegal dumping (no pun intended). He was booked into the Bexar County Jail but later released on a $1,000 bond. Police believe they have more evidence to charge Schwartz with at least another twenty instances of illegal dumping.

What in the hell is wrong with this guy? You could literally go throw those bags in a dumpster or a trashcan. This guy drove out of his way to toss these on people's property. I have no idea what this neighborhood did to him, but he hates you guys.

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