I'm sure there will be some mixed reactions to this, but there's a new Whataburger in the Austin, TX area that is the popular fast food chains most innovative restaurant to date.

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According to the official Whataburger Facebook page, the Whataburger Digital Kitchen is now open in Austin, TX and they say that ordering is as "easy as 1,2,3."

  1. Download the Whataburger App and place your order for our Bee Cave Unit
  2. Select your pick-up method, via our drive-thru or food lockers
  3. Arrive at your pickup time and enjoy!

If you forget to order ahead, we’ve got you covered – just use our kiosks to order your favorite Whataburger meal! This new concept represents our brand’s commitment to innovation while adding over 50 jobs in the Austin area!

And you'll notice that the restaurant was quick to point out that their newest store is bringing 50 jobs to the area. On reiterated this on the social media post after a person commented about jobs going away. "This is a brand new Whataburger location that is fully staffed bringing in more than 50 new jobs to the Austin area!"

A few people took the opportunity to pitch the chain on opening stores in their state, while others requested menu items, including the mushroom swiss and green chili double, be returned to the menu. Overall, judging from the comments, most people are pretty excited to check it out.

I'm not sure when I'll make it to Austin next, but I'll probably go out of my way just to try this place out.

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