Shark Tank has been a wildly popular series for almost two decades now. Thousands of small business owners have been able to pitch their business to a group of five "sharks" in hopes of getting an investment to grow their business. In the many years of the show, there has been a unique mix of food, outdoor, toys and other products presented to the sharks. From time to time, a guest shark would appear on the show but for a majority of the episodes it has been the core group of Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec. One of those sharks announced they will be leaving the show.

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Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban announced recently that he plans on leaving Shark Tank after season 15. His reason for leaving is simple, he wants more time with his family. Mark still loves being a part of the show but with his kids getting older and schedules not matching up like they should, he feels the time is right to step away. Mark started as a guest shark in season 2 of the show and became a regular member of the tank in season 3. Starting with season 16, we won't see Mark Cuban as a regular shark on the show (

And it's not cause I don't love the show. I absolutely love the show. - Mark Cuban on the All the Smoke Podcast

Mark has invested, just on my personal guess, millions of dollars into the small businesses who've pitched their products or company on the show. He has most likely earned millions more on those deals as an investor.

There has been no official announcement from ABC, where Shark Tank airs every Friday night, but with this news getting out, an official news release will probably follow pretty soon.

Jacksonville Business on Shark Tank

Recently Mark got to be the guinea pig for the group when Keith Lindsey and Robert Legg of Air Boss Outdoors in Jacksonville pitched their Krapp Strapp to the Sharks. Mark didn't make an offer but you can tell he had a lot of fun with the two on the show.

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