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Texas Tech University announced Wednesday (June 3rd) that they are not requiring incoming Fall 2021 students to submit SAT/ACT scores on their applications due to COVID-19, along with the alternative admission materials that officials will consider.

Here's what the school said:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students were unable to take a standardized test in the spring of 2020 because of test cancellations. These exam scores would normally be used for admission consideration as the 2021 application cycle begins this summer. Because of this, Texas Tech University has enacted a test optional admission policy for students applying for admission beginning in the fall of 2021. The policy allows students the option to apply without consideration of SAT or ACT scores. At the time of application, students will share their plans regarding the submission or consideration of SAT or ACT as part of their application. Students selecting this option will have their application and supplemental information evaluated in a holistic manner. Students are welcome, regardless of testing plan, to submit additional materials that they feel best highlights their skills, talents, and potential contributions to Texas Tech. These could include but are not limited to AP test scores, essays, letters of recommendation or a resume.

I honestly think the submission of SAT/ACT scores should be optional all the time, regardless of what's going on in the world. So many incredibly intelligent people just don't test well, or, inversely, there are plenty of total dips***s like me that are preternaturally good at testing, but don't actually know a damn thing.

I also feel that college is a great way to unlock your true potential that high school may have missed. We all grow, mature and get more educated as we go on. I'd prefer more open minds than easily testable ones.

For more information on this policy, head over to the Undergraduate Admissions Page or call (806) 742-1480. And, as always, wreck 'em Tech!

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