Time to put down TikTok and pick up some kettle bells, once again this summer Planet Fitness will be allowing teenagers from Dallas, TX, and across North America to workout for free. What a great opportunity for kids.

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This is very real. From May 15 through August 31, all high school students, between the ages of 14 to 19, can work out for free at any of the more than 2,400 Planet Fitness locations throughout the United States and Canada.

High School Summer Pass allows teens the opportunity to prioritize their mental and physical wellness goals during a critical time when school is out and important academic and extracurricular programs such as sports, gym class and after-school activities are in recess. - Planet Fitness

According to the release from Planet Fitness their goal is to help teens overcome mental health struggle through fitness. It really seems like a noble cause: "Planet Fitness commissioned a national study6 which found 61 percent of teens face mental health struggles and 93 percent of teens appreciate how fitness can positively impact their lives and lead to healthier lifestyles into adulthood."

Getty Images
Getty Images

There are a lot of noble causes out there, but children are right up there at the top, and Plant Fitness is giving kids a great outlet, free of charge, this summer.

All High School Summer Pass participants will have:

  1. Access to free fitness training from in-club certified trainers.
  2. Free workouts designed specifically for high schoolers in the free Planet Fitness App as well as workout plans.
Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness

For more information on High School Summer Pass, including how to sign up for the free membership visit PlanetFitness.com/SummerPass.

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