Ever have nightmares of a huge snake coming through your bathtub or your toilet? For one Texas woman, it didn't happen exactly like that, but she found a 12-foot surprise in her bathroom this week.

Veronica Rodriguez, of College Station, turned on the light to her bathroom only to find a 12-foot American Python slithering into her bathtub.

Rodriguez went outside and called 911, and an officer arrived.

"When the officer showed up, he came with a brown paper sack," Rodriguez told The Eagle newspaper. "I told him, 'You're going to need a bigger sack than that.'"

Police and animal control officers eventually had to use a city trash can to get the python out of the house, though they said the snake tried to become aggressive a few times.

Rodriguez believed the snake, a pet that escaped, got into her house while she was bathing the family's three guinea pigs and cleaning their cages outside with the back door open.

No people or guinea pigs were harmed, and the python was later claimed by its owner.

As someone who is completely terrified of snakes, I'd be half-tempted to completely move out of my house had that happened to me.

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