We come across our fair share of snakes here in Texas, but there are some places we would consider a 'safe zone' from them. For instance, your car.

I don't think I've ever checked this part of my car before sitting behind the steering wheel, but after Teresa Dalby of Hugh Springs, TX shared a photo of a snake meeting her at eye level, I'll be double... no triple checking before I hop in.

According to KLTV, Dalby is used to checking for snakes, but has never considered checking the lining of her truck door. She told KLTV:

I always look down... but I don't expect to see them at eye level.

She also learned that the intruder was a Texas Ratsnake and acknowledged that it's 'actually a good snake, but it didn't matter at the time.'

As of this writing, her Facebook photo has been shared over 9,000 times. Let me guess what most of the comments said:


Considering Mandee Montana shared the story of her recent encounter with a snake and my friend sharing this photo on her Facebook yesterday (photo below), I can't help but wonder if snake season is all year long!

Lacey Ferguson via Facebook
Lacey Ferguson via Facebook

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