School is back on, and students aren't the only ones crowding into classrooms.  Germs are piling up too, and we've got the four most common places in schools that they like to hide.

I cross my fingers every day hoping that the kids only bring homework and happy thoughts back to the house, after seven and a half hours at school.  With all of those kids under one roof, you know germs and bacteria have to be throwing a huge party and falling all over themselves at the idea of giving a second-grader the sneezes this school year.

There are four top spots where germs hang out at school, so while we're reminding the kids to brush their teeth and grab their lunchboxes on the way out the door, it's also important to issue the reminder to steer clear of places like the drinking fountain.

The 4 Germiest Places in Schools (according to Unity Point Health):

1.  Drinking Fountain

2.  Lunchroom Keypads

3.  Classroom Books

4.  Gym equipment

Do your kids have to type in a number on a lunchroom keypad in order to eat?  My girls do, and it subtracts an amount from their lunch account.  After hundreds of kids type numbers on that machine in succession, it stands to reason that it would be kinda gross.  Basically, any surface that is touched by lots of kids is chock full of bacteria.

And this is why hand sanitizer is a school supply.  Washing hands is the best way to kill bacteria, and hand sanitizer works too.

We'll know in a couple of weeks whether the germs that started the 2019-2020 school year with the kids are having any kind of impact.  Hopefully, the academics leave a bigger impression than colds and flu.


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