Trying to rank Red Dirt and Texas songs is something I've always wanted to do, but could never (in good conscience) take on. I honestly wouldn't want to deal with the hardcore blowback from all y'all ravenous fans.

Luckily, Kelly Dearmore from the Dallas Observer wasn't quite as worried about that as me.

Dearmore and her panel of experts compiled their list of "The 15 Best Songs From the Past 15 Years of Texas Country/Red Dirt/Whatever It's Called." And even though you're bound to be upset about a couple choices or where they fall, they seemed to have done a pretty good job. Check it out!

5. "My Hometown" - charlie robison

3. "Carry on" - pat green

1. "feeling good again" - robert earl keen

Y'all, I love Robert Earl Keen, as much as one straight man can love another. But for me and my money, Pat Green's "Carry On" will always be No. 1. It embodies everything a great song should be, plus it's "our song" -- the one that Texas Music and I fell in love with.

Check out the rest of the Top 15 songs right here.

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