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While a lot of people are using their time while sheltering in place to reflect on their life and make changes, others are getting nostalgic... with hilarious results!

If you're not familiar with the age break down, members of Generation X aka Gen X were born between the years 1965 - 1979. We all grew up with some broad similarities in the world around us... like actual shopping malls and riding bikes without helmets, which resulted in a lot of shared experiences. To celebrate those commonalities, a new group on Facebook has popped up called Generation X: The World According To Us. You'll have to excuse me, but it's 'totally awesome!'

From bringing up long-forgotten TV shows like Rags to Riches, Kate and Alley, and the original Miami Vice to discussions about musical one-hit wonders and teen heartthrobs, this group talks about it all!

Some of my other favorite topics include, but aren't limited to: what posters you had on your bedroom walls as a kid, skating rinks, 80's slang, cult classic movies, convenience store junk food like candy cigarettes and wax coke bottles, fashion, think tight rolled jeans and multiple layers of socks, books like the Sweet Valley High series and anything by Judy Blume, big hair, blue eye shadow, music videos and MTV, Cabbage Patch Kids and more!

Seriously, I could go on forever with even more potential topics. Does anyone else remember those short suede boots we wore? How about parachute pants and Mickey Mouse sweatshirts paired with leather mini skirts? Remember the punk rock sunglasses you had to buy at the Hallmark store in Pierre Bossier Mall? Honestly, what were we thinking? Who wears overalls with only one shoulder fastened? We did! We also though Chess King was pretty cool and girls didn't want to shop anywhere else other than The Limited and The Gap.

Oh, the memories! If you want to take a walk down memory lane and discuss the importance of Gadzook's in your life, join the group, you'll be glad you did! See you there;)

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