That is right, the carnival that is located in the Broadway Square mall in Tyler, Texas is back! Spring brings lots of good things, but this may be the best. Why should you head out to this carnival? Do you hate fun or something?This carnival holds a cliff notes version of the larger East Texas State Fair that will come back in the fall. It is a great way to tide yourself over until the fair comes back and holds its very own advantages.

Think about the fair on the Tyler fair grounds. Packed to the brim full of people, lines for miles at every ride and eatery, and cow poop everywhere. Yes, it is still a lot of fun but the carnival in the mall parking lot is free of those complaints. No worries about what your feet will step in. Don't plan to stand in line for hours with a hundred other people waiting on the same thing. This carnival gets you a different but fun experience.

So, starting tomorrow afternoon (April 18) through the 28th of this month, head out to the Simon Broadway Square mall and enjoy this carnival. Mondays - Thursday you can enjoy the festivities from 4 p.m. until eleven that night. Fridays they will be open from four until 12 at night. Saturdays and Sundays the carnival is running between noon and midnight.

Don't miss out on the Simon malls' event, the 10th anniversary of Simon's Kidgit Club day. What is the Kidgit Club? This is a membership group through Simon malls that gives parents and their little ones special offers. Check out the Kidgit website for more information, but listen to this special offer through the club that will help you enjoy the carnival. If you are a member already you get into the carnival for FREE. How great! Are you not a member yet? If you sign up that day, the membership will only cost you five dollars. Once you are a member you will get that free entry into the carnival. How great for the kids.

Parents, kids, and fun loving adults, don't miss this awesome opportunity for fun. Get out to the carnival before it leaves town again.

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