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I'm told by our consultants to 'be a tourist in your own city'. So that's exactly what I did this past weekend.

This past weekend my wife and I along with a great friend went on a camping excursion, or in this case it could be considered a 'glamping' excursion because we went in his motorhome. We didn't actually pitch any tents to sleep in outdoors, but we still called it camping! We left Tyler and headed north to Cooper Lake State Park South Sulphur Unit (which is just north of Sulphur Springs).

This park had quite a few amenities, like: horseback riding trails, hiking and biking trails, fishing and quite a few more outdoor activities. With everything there was to do there, we didn't do much because it was pretty cool and windy all weekend. We just had a great time just getting away for a weekend. What was nice, was the fire in the fire pit, listening to the waves of the lake roll in on the shore and after the sun went down, our little campsite being visited by a couple of armadillos.

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1
Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

Upon checking out Sunday, we decided to drive through downtown Sulphur Springs to pay the glass bathrooms in front of the Hopkins County Courthouse a visit. We had always heard about them and seen them on news reports from time to time but never actually paid them a visit. So here I am 'being a tourist in my own city'. And before you ask, yes, they are real working bathrooms!

Upon arriving at the courtyard in front of the courthouse, you're greeted by two very large mirrored-glass buildings. These building are public restrooms, which are functioning, that are made of glass. Thing is, you can't see in to them, but once inside, you can see everything that is going on outside.

Let me tell you, it was kind of strange but fun at the same time in a weird kind of way. You're in this glass building taking care of your personal business as people are walking right by you, cars are parking around you and some people are putting their faces up to the window just to see if they can see inside - while you're inside! It's strange!

Most of the time there is a line to get inside one of these two unisex bathrooms, to just experience it. Even if you didn't have to go! While waiting, there's so many other things to do in this courtyard. You could:

  • look at the magnificent architecture of the Hopkins County Courthouse
  • visit the Veteran's Memorials
  • play in the shooting water fountains (in the summertime)
  • play a game of life-sized checkers or chess
  • play a normal sized game of checker or chess on one of the many permanent checker board tables

In addition, there's a lot of downtown shops and restaurants to enjoy too.

Making the trip to downtown Sulphur Springs to visit the glass bathrooms was well worth the trip, plus, it was fun 'being a tourist in my own city'.

The Glass Bathrooms In Downtown Sulphur Springs

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